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Math­e­mat­ics at Rich­mond Pri­mary School
Wel­come to the ‘Math­e­mat­ics’ sec­tion of our web­site. Here you will find lots of use­ful doc­u­ments to help you sup­port your child at home and also see what they will be learn­ing in school. At Richmond Primary School we follow National Curriculum objectives for teaching mathematics across the school. Click on the blue links to take you to the rel­e­vant documents.
There are three impor­tant documents:
1  Pro­gres­sion Maps – these show how the key areas of Math­e­mat­ics progress across the Key Stages at our school (see below).
The pro­gres­sion maps are struc­tured using the topic head­ings as they appear in the National Curriculum:

Each of the above cat­e­gories has been divided into sub cat­e­gories to illus­trate pro­gres­sion in key areas across the year groups at our school.

2 Cal­cu­la­tion Pol­icy – These are the ‘meth­ods’ we use in school to teach addi­tion, sub­trac­tion, mul­ti­pli­ca­tion and division.

3 Help­ful Maths Web­sites– This is a list of use­ful web­sites that chil­dren could access at school or at home to help with their under­stand­ing of math­e­mat­ics.

If you have any ques­tions about ‘Math­e­mat­ics’ please come and speak to Mrs Lawrence (Maths Leader). Or you can make an appoint­ment through the office.