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Richmond Primary School

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In order to develop the fun­da­men­tal skills of read­ing, Phon­ics is taught daily at Rich­mond Pri­mary School. We pride our­selves in the fact that teach­ers work hard to ensure phon­ics ses­sions are fun and inter­ac­tive, ensur­ing all chil­dren can access the learning.


Foun­da­tion Stage

Jolly Phon­ics is used as a basis for chil­dren to learn their let­ter sounds. It
pro­vides a fun way to learn phonemes and is linked to actions and addi­tional
songs and sto­ries pro­vide fur­ther rein­force­ment. This is used along­side the
’Let­ters and Sounds’ L.C.P. les­son plans which also include the read­ing and
spelling of com­mon ‘high fre­quency’ words. Foun­da­tion Stage chil­dren will focus
on Phases 2, 3 and 4.


Key Stage 1 (Years 1and 2)

Pro­gress­ing on from Jolly Phon­ics, Years 1 and 2 fol­low ‘Let­ters and Sounds’
and class teach­ers also use the L.P.C. les­son plans which ensures
con­sis­tency across teach­ing. Addi­tional phon­ics ses­sions are pro­vided for those
chil­dren who need them.

Year One chil­dren will focus on Phase 5
Phon­ics and revise all pre­vi­ous phases. Phase 5 intro­duces alter­na­tive

Year Two chil­dren will focus on Phase 6 and
revise all pre­vi­ous phases. Phase 6 places empha­sis on the ‘rules’ for

Towards the end of Year One, chil­dren com­plete the National Phon­ics Screen­ing
Check to assess their phonic skills so far. We will keep par­ents fully
informed about this. Chil­dren who do not achieve the required phonic
skills by the end of Year 2 will con­tinue with addi­tional phonic learn­ing in
Key Stage 2.

Here are some use­ful web­sites to sup­port your
child with their learning: