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Click on the picture below to watch the Digital Leaders Assembly 2023.

Digital Leaders

We have recently appointed 10 Digital Leaders in key stage 2 who will meet each Monday after school.  Their roles, which will be developed, will include:

  • Becoming ambassadors for E-safety, this will involve promoting E-Safety with children and parents through: the school website, assemblies and presentations to parents.
  • Learning how to use new technology and cascading their knowledge with other children.
  • Trialling new software as required.
  • Uploading photographs/videos from Ipads/Cameras etc onto the school shared work.
  • Organise competitions.
  • Creating Blogs for the school website.
  • Creating Pod casts for the school website.
  • Help teach computing lessons.
  • Plan and lead ICT Clubs at lunchtimes and possibly after school.
  • Attend events and other schools to share Computing.
  • Exploring new APPS and Programs
  • Learning how to make a LAN
  • Taking computers apart and exploring their contents - then putting them back together
  • Attending after-school training on Monday’s.


Click on the picture below to watch this years (2023) Digital Leaders E-Safety Assembly


Watch the Digital Leaders PowerPoints on E-safety on the Parents link/e-safety and see all the work we are doing to keep children and parents safe. 



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Cross Country success

Posted: Feb 22, 2016 by: 0902 on: Cross Country success

Well done to everyone who entered! Thanks to Mr Fincham and Mrs Quinn for looking after us. 


Mrs Quinn Mar 25, 2016

Well done to all of you who took part in the Cross Country races this year! Whether you came first or further down the field, you all did your best and made me feel proud to be part of Richmond Primary. The team spirit was fantastic with the older children supporting the younger ones and all of you doing yourselves proud! A fantastic 'well done' to everyone. And an extra mention to those who ran in Saturday's cross country finals for Hinckley and Bosworth. Superb all round performances - it was really tough and extremely muddy!

Elenor Smith Feb 29, 2016

Both my children really enjoyed this day, think this will be the first of many,

1101 . Feb 26, 2016

I came 16th

DCox Feb 22, 2016

I shall have to start coming to some of these events. I wish I could run, unfortunately, I am not too fit and it hurts too much afterwards. I shall have to train with you all.

1202 . Feb 22, 2016


0901 Feb 22, 2016

You all did great!

1101 . Feb 22, 2016

Well done to everyone who took part in cross county we all did really well and thank you Mrs Quinn and Mr Fincham.

0903 Feb 22, 2016

Well done. It sounds like you did great.

1001 Feb 22, 2016

Adam you did really well.