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Meeting about Beaumanor Residential - Powerpoint

Attached below for you to download is the powerpoint we shared at the Beaumanor meeting on Tuesday 15th January.  We hope you find this useful, particularly if you were unable to attend.

Next week, you will receive a letter inviting you to apply for a place for your child and requesting the completion of a contact details & medical form and a deposit.

 RICHMOND pwr pnt 15 Jan.pptDownload
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Spellings for this week are attached below.  Our spelling test takes place on a Monday.

This week, Phase 6 children are learning about adding s, es and ies to make plurals.  Phase 5 children are working on the vowel digraph ie.

 Phase 5b test on 21 Jan.pubDownload
 Phase 6 test on 21 Jan.pubDownload
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On Friday 11th January we ventured out into the depths of the wooded areas in our school grounds and went bug hunting.  We found many different minibeasts and brought them back into the classroom to identify and classify them for our Science Day.  It was an exciting start to our new topic, Wriggle and Crawl!