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Philosophy 4 Children (P4C)

Welcome to our P4C page. P4C stands for Philosophy for Children, and is an approach to teaching and learning which encourages and develops children's caring, creative, collaborative and critical thinking skills. It is these skills which enable children to be independent thinkers and learners across the rest of the curriculum. On Philosophy Fridays, each class explores a concept or question which they created and chose themselves. 


Richmond Primary School currently holds the Silver Award for P4C, which was awarded by SAPERE. This recognises the school's commitment to P4C, and the progress that the children are making with their thinking. 


P4C Champions update the website!

In 5jl our p4c lessons are fun and exiting !

We start our lesson by picking a p4c warm up game then we often vote on the lessons big  question and then discus it.

Question of the day - Is it more important to be clever or popular?


Spider web is a good game to play in P4C. 

Why should we care?
We have been thinking a lot about the concept 'care' because of Children in Need.

  • We could talk about why we should care for people that are less fortunate than us
  • We could arrange a assembly about philosophy and why we should care for each other and what the life is for people that are less fortunate
  • When people are mad they should start to think about the people that are probably even more mad because they might not have enough water or food or even a place to live.

    As P4C Champions, we are here to make sure your lessons are fun and factual! We take pride to be in charge of P4C and will answer any questions!

    P4C is very important to the mind and the soul. Here are some reasons why children should do it!

    • P4C is fun and exciting!
    • Less stress and more relaxing
    • Express your opinions without being judged

      Question of the day:

      Would you rather be happy but poor or rich and sad?

      P4C Lizzie said “I would be Poor but Happy”

      P4C Alice says “I would be Poor but Happy”

      Leader of P4C Mrs Lynam said “I would want to be Poor but Happy because if you had lots of money, you still wouldn’t be able to buy happiness!”

      Stand up / sit down is a good P4C game. 


Recent P4C work across the school

Year 1 - We have been thinking about Paddington Bear and what makes a family. Our focus has been caring and collaborative thinking as we have been trying to make sure we take it in turns to talk. 
Year 2 - After our walk around the school, we explored what 'home' and 'family' meant.
Year 5 - Aladdin was our stimulus which we linked to our work on Howard Carter around the concept 'stealing'. We're now thinking about equality linked to Rosa Parks. 
Year 6 - We have been considering what 'love' is, and have worked on our critical thinking skills. 


Website Wonder 2 - 08.10.18:
Chosen by our P4C Champions

What is the difference between what we need and what we want?
Does everyone have the same needs?
What would the world be like if everyone was the same?


Website Wonder 1 - 24.09.18:

What does it take to be a leader?
Are we all leaders in some way?
What would the world be like without leaders?



Let us know your thoughts.

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Laurrie ( filled in buy her Mum!)(a couple of months ago)

Laurrie says the diffrence betten wants and needs is u need things to survive! Wants u can live with out! She aslo says it takes alot to be a leader and we are all leaders in some way-we all have hard choices to make. And the world without leaders would be messy! These are great topics for duscussion-got us talking and thinking! (Laurries Mum)