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Hello and welcome to Year 5!

We hope you will find this page useful. We will update it regularly with information about upcoming events, homework, and the learning taking place in class.


If you have any comments or questions, there is a form at the bottom of the page you can fill in. 

Mrs Swan and Mrs Lynam-Smith 

Monday 11th February

Reminder about Maths Catch-up Club - this is in 5JL at 8:30am every Monday for children to catch up with work covered earlier in the year. All welcome!

Maths homework - due Friday 15th - p30. We run homework club on Wednesday lunchtimes if children are struggling to complete it at home. 

Alchemy Island homework - due Friday 15th - please remember to fill in the bingo grid to show whether you have done a Creative, Research, Maths or English focus. Also tick off one of the challenge board boxes if you've done a challenge piece!

Spellings - the list of spellings to learn over half-term can be found here.

Friday 1st February

We are now stuck in to our Alchemy Island work, and have been doing so much interesting learning!

Science - we have been learning about how to separate mixtures - especially the disgusting water sample that was delivered to us from the citizens of the Ancient Citadel! We had to sieve, filter and evaporate to make the water clean again. 

Geography - Because we did so well with the science, the Chief Alchemist gave us our first set of co-ordinates with which to plot our journey. We found out that we must travel through the Kingdom of Junglewest up to Dragon Vine Towers. 

Music - To accompany us on our journey, we are composing pieces of music to represent each part of the island. 

Art - We were learning to sketch birds by including as much detail as possible - we were so proud of our attempts! We then had a go at adapting our bird sketches to create a new species which we think would live somewhere on Alchemy Island!

 We will be sure to post some photos of our amazing work soon!

Monday 28th January

This week, our spellings are homophones and can be found here. 

The maths homework, due this Friday, is page 28.

The Alchemy Island homework is also due this Friday.

PGL medical forms - please can these be completed fully and returned as soon as possible.

Thank you!


Monday 21st January

This week's spelling focus is on words with double letters in. The list can be downloaded here. 

The maths homework this week is a sheet, based on recent tests we have done in class. 

Don't forget that we have a maths catch up club on Monday mornings at 8:30am - everyone welcome. 


Monday 14th January

This week's spellings focus on words containing -ough. The list can be downloaded here.

Friday 11th January

Maths - We will be running a Maths Catch-Up Club on Monday mornings from 8:30am, where we will be going over some of the maths that was taught at the beginning of the year. Just turn up to take part!

What have we been up to?
In the first week back, we have kicked off our new topic by spending time looking through the mysterious samples sent in a treasure chest from Alchemy Island. We translated a riddle to find out we will be venturing on a quest for gold!
The island is full of exciting and sometimes dangerous places. We spent time this week coming up with a musical soundtrack to our journey! 
If any of you play instruments at home, can you take this further to compose a piece of music for our arrival at the Ancient Citadel? If you don't play an instrument, you could be creative with household objects and your own voice!


In P4C, we started thinking about New Year's Resolutions and doing good deeds. How do we define what makes something a 'good' deed? Are some deeds better than others? How do we decide which are worth more? Do people always need to see you doing the good deed for it to be worth it? Are deeds as 'good' if you get something back in return? Let us know what you think!

Thursday 10th January

Welcome back! We hope everyone had a great break. Here are a few updates regarding this term:

Spellings: This week we are recapping spellings from before Christmas. New lists will go out on Monday.
Homework: New Alchemy Island homework ideas sheets went out before Christmas. The next homework is due in on Friday 18th January. 

Monday 17th December
Please find this week's spellings here.

We have been busy in Y5 over the last few weeks, working on air resistance and water resistance. We designed streamlined shapes to travel through water, and made parachutes to investigate air resistance.

The Christmas wreaths look amazing on our class trees - they are around the Y2/Y3 building at the moment if you want to have another look. 

We are looking forward to the last week of term, where we will be finishing off our Scream Machine topic and getting into the festive spirit. 

Monday 10th December
Please find this week's spellings here.


Monday 3rd December

Spellings for this week can be found here. This week it is about learning the rules and exceptions for when to use each suffix.
Maths homework - P23.


Monday 26th November

Drayton Manor Thank you to everyone in Y5 for a fantastic trip. The weather held out, and we got to test out a few of the rides too. Jess and Lee taught us all about how the rides are designed based on forces. We explored how air resistance affects the speed of roller-coasters, how taller drops create a stronger gravitational pull and how magnets help to stop the ride at the end. 



Spellings - this week's words can be found here.

Maths homework - page 9 (counting in sequences of powers of 10). The first question will have been done in class.  

Monday 19th November

Spelling words for this week can be found here.

Friday 16th November

This week we have been looking at theme parks in the UK as part of our Geography lessons.  Can you think of any more? 


Maths homework pages for this week are 16 and 17 (Square and Cube Numbers). 

Tuesday 13th November

This week's spellings are '-ancy' and '-ency' words. They can be downloaded here.


Monday 12th November

We remembered the brave soldiers from Hinckley who fought in WWI by displaying poppies we made from recycled bottles. 



Friday 2nd November

We have just finished our R.E. week, where we thought about places of worship. We focused on Christianity and Hinduism, and discussed how there can be similarities and differences both between and within religions. We thought deeply about the concept 'worship'. What does worship mean to you?

In P4C today, we started to think about Rosa Parks. Some of the concepts we have discussed so far are equality, rights, racism, power and change. Do we all have the power to change the world?


Monday 29th October

Here are this week's spellings.
Spellings w/c 29/10/18


Friday 26th October

Thank you for a great week back to everyone in Y5! We thought we'd share some of the hard work that has not gone unnoticed this week. 

Canopic Jars

(more of your amazing homework is displayed on our classroom windows)

Science Day

We started our new science topic 'Forces' with a day spent investigating friction. 

Other Information


  • For the next two week homework project, please pick a different activity from the list provided last time. This is due in 09/11/18. 
  • Please complete pages 12 and 13 from the maths books. This is due in 02/11/18. 
  • It was also mentioned at Parents' Evening that spellings are not always being brought home. We have attached the lists that will be tested on Monday. We will upload new spellings weekly and spares are available from the classroom if you need a paper copy. 

Spellings being tested on 29/11/18


Friday 12th October

Happy half term holidays everyone! 

Over the holidays, have lots of fun and lots of rest before we start back with our exciting new topic - Scream Machine! 

Before then, we have set a few challenges for you: 

P7 and P10 of the new maths homework books 

Your 2 week homework challenge 

Spelling lists (ie/ei words)

Times table tests to look over and practise 

Just a reminder, bring warm/waterproof clothes for the first Monday back, including outdoor shoes. 

This is not a non-school uniform day, just a few extras to keep warm and dry for our exciting, outdoor memorable experience. 

Thanks, Mrs Lynam-Smith and Mrs Swan

Tuesday 9th October

Here are our River Nile models.
This week, we will be using them to explore how flooding affects land use in Egypt.

River Nile models


Friday 5th October:


In P4C this afternoon, we looked at the song 'One Jump Ahead' from Aladdin. Some of the concepts we explored were: stealing, power, magic and success. Here are the questions we will be thinking about over the next week:
'How do some people get away with things successfully?'
'Is magic real?'
We are working on our Creative thinking skills. 

New homework sheets were given out today and explained to the children. Spare copies can be found in the classrooms. Homework will be based around our new topic 'Scream Machine' from now until Christmas. 

We also discussed the other types of homework we have in Y5. For your information, this is what we discussed:
- Spelling lists / rules go home every Monday to learn
- Blank copies of X-factor and times table sheets are available to do at home, along with ideas of games to play
- Maths homework books will go out next week. We will update the children with a page number each week, and will be rewarded with house points for having completed it. 
- Reading records will be collected every Friday. Children get house points for reading at home and it is expected that they will read 3 x per week.



Wednesday 26th September:

Today we were discussing whether Cleopatra is the most powerful queen in history. Here are some notes from our discussion. What do you think?




We also have two welcome events for your diary:

Thursday 4th October - Meet and Greet

Thursday 11th October - 'Pharaohs' Parent Event 

letter for parent event

We are looking forward to meeting you. 


Please feel free to sign our guestbook and leave a comment...

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