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Richmond Primary School

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Welcome to Early Years at Richmond Primary School.

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2021-2022 Cohort

Thank you and well done to the children that have been working hard on their home challenges for the Autumn Term!


Please scroll down for more information on Reading, Phonics and Number so that you can support your child at home.


Our PE Day is every Friday. We would like all children to come to school already dressed for PE on Friday's rather than get changed at school. Children should wear trainers/pumps, jogging bottoms or shorts, t-shirt and a school jumper or cardigan. Thank you!


What are we learning about?

Our projects for Autumn Two are called Once Upon a Time and Sparkle and Shine.

Here is our Learning Letter so you can find out all about some of the exciting things we will be getting up to together!


Autumn Home Challenges

Phonics and Reading at Home

We have been so impressed with how the children have been learning during our phonics sessions!

Please see the presentation below for parents all about Phonics and Reading at home.

Developing Early Number Sense

Please watch the video below by Caterpillar Early Years which explains all about 'early number sense'. The teaching, games and activities during Early Years Foundation Stage are all based on supporting your child to develop their number sense and to give them a very strong foundation in number for the future.

Learning support videos to help throughout the year

Number line games

The alphabet song

Phase 2 Phonemes

Phase 3 Phonemes

Phonics - Using a phoneme frame for writing

Phonics - Using sound buttons for reading

Maths video introduction

Making teen numbers with tens frames - week 3

Track games and counting on - week 3

Stroppy teens chant

Sharing teddy bears picnic - week 4

Halving using a part-part-whole - week 4

Doubling using a part-part-whole and a ladybird - week 5

Number bonds - week 6

Money - week 7

Phase 4 Cluster Blends Part One

Phase 4 Cluster Blends Part Two

Segmenting for Spelling

Daily Calendar