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Religious Education

Religious Education is an important part of the curriculum at Richmond Primary School. Each of our half-termly class topics are linked to one of the ‘Key Questions’ from the Leicestershire RE Syllabus. This means that we encourage the children to use their knowledge of different cultures, beliefs and values to understand the topics they are working on.


Some of the big ‘Key Questions’ we will be exploring with the children this year are:


Autumn Term Key Questions

EYFS: Key Question F6: What is special about our world?

Year 1: Key Question 1.1: Who is a Christian and what do they believe?

Year 2: Key Question 1.6: How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times?

Year 3: Key Question L2.5: Why are festivals important to religious communities?

Year 4: Key Question L2.8: What does it mean to be a Hindu in Britain today?

Year 5: Key Question U2.1: Why do some people think God exists?

Year 6: Key Question U2.3: What do religions say to us when life gets hard?

Spring Term Key Questions:

EYFS:Key Question F5: Where do we belong?; Key Question F4: Which times are special and why?

Year 1: Key Question 1.5: what makes some places sacred?; Key Question 1.6: How and why do we celebrate special and sacred times?

Year 2: Key Question 1.3: Who is Jewish and what do they believe?; Key Question 1.4: What can we learn from sacred books?

Year 3: Key Question L2.2: Why is the Bible still so important for Christians today?; Key Question L2.4: Why do people pray?

Year 4: Key Question L2.9: What can we learn from religions about deciding what is right and wrong?; Key Question L2.3: Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?

Year 5: Key Question U2.2: Why would Jesus do? Can we live by the values of Jesus in the 21st Century?

Year 6: Key Question U2.7: What matters most to Christians and Humanists?; Key Question U2.5: Is it better to express your belief in arts and architecture or in charity and generosity?

Summer Term Key Questions:

EYFS: Key Question F3: Which places are special and why?; Key Question F1: Which stories are special and why?

Year 1: Key Question 1.7: What does it mean to belong to a faith community?

Year 2: Key Question 1.4: What can we learn from sacred books?

Year 3: Key Question L2.7: What does it mean to be a Christian in Britain today?

Year 4: Key Question L2.6: Why do some people think that life is like a journey and what significant experiences mark this?

Year 5: Key Question U2.8: What difference does it make to believe in Ahimsa (harmlessness), Grace, and Ummah (Community)? (to be continued in Year 6); Key Question U2.6: What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? 

Year 6: Key Question U2.4: If God is everywhere, why go to a place of worship?


RE sessions use much of the same approaches as the Philosophy for Children sessions which have helped so much to shape the children’s ability to think, reason, explain and explore ideas in a respectful way. We explore the Key Questions through discussion and debate.

One of the most important aspects of a successful RE education is being able to find out about not just the beliefs and traditions of different cultures and religions, but also to relate those beliefs to our own lives. Therefore, we do not encourage children to follow a religion or take part in religious activities, but instead to explore how those religious activities can be related to their own experiences, to help them to better understand the exciting diversity of the modern world. By linking everything we do to fundamental British Values, RE explores not how we are different, but how we are in many ways the same.