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 One of the great attractions that our school has to offer is its location in several acres of grounds.  We have always encouraged the children to use and enjoy their surroundings.  


Richmond Gardening Club, was originally started in 1998 with Mrs Cox, Mrs Charters, Mrs Lamprell, Mrs Dudley and many parent volunteers - including Mrs Walker and Karen Green.  The club has gone from strength to strength over the years, and we are proud to boast awards from both local and national competitions. Richmond Gardeners have been on the front page of the Leicester Mercury and also on Radio Leicester. Later, gardening activities were held during lunchtimes. The children have grown vegetables, flowers and herbs and are encouraged to sample the fruits of their labour.


At present, during the Coronavirus, Mrs Charters and Mrs Cox together with the children are doing plenty of fun gardening activities, these are shown below, with some photographs.


Children have also been learning a new song.  See below:


 Day 1, week 1 of the Coronavirus: Monday 23rd March

The week started with glorious weather, perfect for our first job. Children sorted essential gardening equipment out in preparation for activities. They also planting onion sets. Scroll down to find out more.



 Day 2: Tuesday 24th March:

Today, children and staff (Mrs Cox and Mrs Charters) worked hard weeding the vegetable beds.  During digging, the children found some interesting items! See below.




Day 4: Thursday 26th March:


Day 5: Friday 27th March

Today, children continued placing cardboard on top of the raised beds, supressing the weeds.  After this was completed, the adults placed heavy wooden pallets on the top, to weigh it all down and to stop it blowing around in any wind.  All we need now is some top soil, ready for planting!

Finally, the children checked their seedlings and watered them. 


Week 2: Monday 30th March

Sadly, the temperature was cooler today.  However, the children put on their coats and went out anyway.


Day 2: Tuesday 31st March:

Time to get messy and look after our wildlife by making fat balls for the birds.

Day 3: Wednesday 1st April:

Today we sowed tomato and broccoli seeds.



Day 4: Thursday 2nd April:

Read on to see what happened today.

Day 5: Friday 3rd April:

 We learnt the difference between compost, soil and manure and the names of some gardening equipment.



Week 3: Monday 6th April

 More seeds to plant and the start of a new project.

Day 2: Tuesday 7th April:

Scarecrow building continued.

Day 3: Wednesday 8th April:

Scarecrow building again.

Day 4: Thursday 9th April:

Scarecrow building one more time..

Day 5. Friday 10th April:

More planting in very hot weather.

Week 4: Monday 13th April

 We had a walk around our garden to see what had changed and collected information for future projects. It was quite cold and windy today.


Here are the answers to the eye spy.

Tuesday 14th April

Tub selection, planting the last onions and finding out what has changed.


Wednesday 15th April

Time to plant some sunflowers.


Thursday 16th April

Let's use the tub we selected and plant some rhubarb.


Friday 17th April

Alternative potato planting and preparing a new salad crop bed.



Week 5: Monday 20th April

We have started this week in a very ecologically, friendly way by re-using items to plant more potatoes and make big, plant labels.


Day 2: Tuesday 21st April:

The sun is still shining and the sky is blue but unfortunately there's lots of weeding to do.


Children have also learnt a new song . . . 









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