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Richmond Primary School

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Sports Clubs


Our after school sports clubs are ran by Mr Fincham and a variety of school staff. These are offered from Years 1-6 and are free for all to attend (Excluding outside agency run clubs.)

This years plan:-


Term 1

Year 2 Football

Year 5/6 Football

Year 4/5/6 Girls Football

Rich­mond Foot­ball Academy

Key Stage 1 Multi-sports

Year 5 /6 Hockey

Tag Rugby Year 3/4/5/6 by Hinckley Rugby Club

Term 2

Year 3–6 Netball

Rich­mond Foot­ball Academy

Year 5/6 Football

Key Stage 1 Multi-sports

Year 3–6 Cross Country

Key Stage 1 Athletics

Year 3/4 Dodge ball

Year 4 Hockey

Year 5/6 Basketball

Term 3

Year 3–6 Girls Football

Year 5/6 Football

Key Stage 1 Multisports

Year 5/6 Hockey

Year 3/6 Athletics

Key Stage 1 Football

Year 3/4 Football



Please click on one of the PODCASTS below to listen to interviews by Digital Leaders regarding recent Sporting Success .

PODCAST - X- Country Interview by Digital Leader Alfie (Y5) and Fellow Digital Leader and runner, Dominic (Y4) [March 2016]

PODCAST - Listen to Savannah's (Y5 Digital Leader) interview with Mr Fincham (Sports Leader) and Adam (sportsman and Y6 Digital Leader) [March 2016]