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Wel­come to our Richmond Primary School Governor section. We hope this provides a valuable source of information of who makes up our governing committee and what our roles and responsibilities are within the school community.  These will ensure appropriate governance and hence excellent outcomes for all children within tight financial controls.

Richmond’s local governing committee (LGC) sits within Success Academy Trust, a multi academy trust governance framework which consists currently of four schools. Thomas Estley Community College in Broughton Astley is the lead school.  Within our LGC, we currently have a total of 13 governors, 6 being co-opted (appointed by the governing body), including ourselves, 3 parent (elected by the parents of the school) and 4 staff (appointed by the staff of the school). Each has a variety of different skills that they bring which further enhances the effectiveness of our governing body as we work together. All gov­er­nors serve for a period of four years.  

We are a school that has a car­ing, nurturing ethos firmly embedded in all that it does and our governing body fully supports this. We believe this actively encour­ages all the chil­dren to achieve their full poten­tial and a unity of pur­pose gives the school a firm basis upon which to build.

Richmond attracts children from many diverse back­grounds from the surrounding area and we take care and time to sup­port the Head Teacher in iden­ti­fy­ing the wide range of needs that the children have. We are com­mit­ted to a pol­icy of bud­getary allo­ca­tion that reflects the spe­cific needs of the school. Stringent financial governance takes place via monthly meetings with the Finance Officer in addition to the scheduled wider LGC finance meetings to ensure money is spent wisely to meet the needs of all children.

Par­ents’ involve­ment in their children’s edu­ca­tion is also really beneficial to providing good outcomes, both through work­ing with the chil­dren at home and in sup­port­ing the day to day life of the school. Attendance of parents and carers at focused classroom events throughout the year are actively encour­aged and this is an opportunity where children can showcase their learning. Indeed, governors frequently perform their own classroom monitoring visits to ensure effective outcomes are being delivered.  We also attend events within the wider school community, e.g. school council meetings and ‘special’ assemblies.  We are all com­mit­ted to further devel­op­ing our knowl­edge of the school and curriculum as an ongoing process.

Gov­er­nors share in regular training courses specific to their individual needs and responsibilities through Governor Development Services at County Hall or other local devel­op­ment groups of schools through joint training.

The Head Teacher and the Co-Chairs meet regularly. The LGC reviews school poli­cies on a reg­u­lar basis and mon­i­tors their imple­men­ta­tion and effec­tive­ness. If you would like more infor­ma­tion about our gov­ern­ing body please select the "Governor" tabs, or call 01455 637266.


Pete Mattock and Clara Smith

Co-Chairs of the Governing Body