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Our Nurture Group, based in our Early Years and Year One building, is a tailored intervention that supports any child who is not ready for, or not coping with, the demands of full time, whole class learning. They are nurtured, taught and supported by Mrs Manning and Mrs Midgaff. Children who attend our Nurture Group are able to access the curriculum in a smaller group alongside a strong focus on social skills and emotional intelligence. The majority of the children who access our Nurture Group are in Year One. We work closely with each child, getting to know them and their barriers to learning in order to support them to make progress, develop strategies and increase their independence.  

Following on from attending the Nurture Group, our aim is that every child can return to their class at a point during the school year having:

 - a deeper understanding of their own emotions and the strategies to manage them

 - increased confidence

-  improved communication skills

 - a greater sense of belonging

a love of learning

The Nurture Group has been running for around 18 years, with great success. We take pride in our nurturing approach to learning and the ability to meet the needs of children to enable them to reach their full potential. We work in close partnership with the families of the children who access Nurture Group to ensure we are providing the best possible support for each child.


Please see the Year 1 page to find out more information about the Nurture Group curriculum.