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Year 2 - 2020 - 2021 

Welcome to the new Year 2 page for 20-21. We are really looking forward to working with you all in September! Please see the letter below for more information about when we come back to school. 

Have an amazing summer! 

Mrs Lawrence, Miss Pawley and Miss Davies 

Information about Reopening

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New Y2 cohort Summer Holiday Homework Challenges

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Year 2 - 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Year 2! We hope you find the resources here useful. Remember you can always get in contact with us by emailing 

For latest information to Parents/Carers from CEOP, on how to protect your children when Gaming, Click Here.

Mrs Lawrence, Miss Davies and Miss Pawley


UPDATE 10/07/20: You should receive your child's report in the post by the end of this week. Some parents will have received emails if we have your email address. If you have not  received your child's report, please email 


We are really sad that we haven't been able to say goodbye in person to you all but we will come and wave to you when you are back in September!  Have a lovely summer and thank you for being an amazing year group to work with. We will miss you! 

Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Blackburn, Miss Davies, Miss Pawley, Mrs Wilson, Miss Licqourish and Mrs Ford xx


There will be lots of information on the Year 3 pages soon, so please check the info there too! See this letter from your new teachers: 

Letter from Year 3 Teachers

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Leicestershire Libraries Summer Reading Challenge!

Update 15/06/20

From next week - week commencing 15th June, we are going to approach the Home Learning in a slightly different way which we hope will help to connect the curriculum together for children both at home and school.

  • Each week will have a different theme and all home learning tasks have been designed to link together around this theme. It will be a project based approach, a little bit like the homework, where you will be able to pick and choose activities.


  •  In order to be consistent across the year groups, the same theme will apply to Years 2, 3, 4 and 5. This will mean that if you have children in different year groups, you can work together on the same project.


  •  English and Maths have suggested year group tasks, however, you can look at older/younger ideas as you wish. You might even have other ideas too- be as creative as you like!


  • These tasks have been designed so that you do not need information printing off, all that is required are the basic resources to do the task. E.g. paper, pens, paints etc.


  • An example timetable will be published each week but you can drop activities into the timetable to suit you as you wish.

We hope this new idea will be a new fresh start for some of you where the work is becoming a bit of a struggle.


Must do tasks

Must DO task will continue as before

Writing Must Do tasks will be based on the weekly theme and will be highlighted on the activity plan. These will also be available as a word document on the website.

Reading Must Do tasks will also be available as a separate document and again will be based on the weekly theme.

Maths Must Do tasks continue to be a consolidation of the key objectives for each year group and will be available as separate documents on the website. The activity plan also includes some additional Maths activities linked to the weekly theme.


We look forward to hearing your feedback and seeing your work by emailing us at 


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Animal Magic Project WC 6th July.

Animal Magic Example Timetable

Must Do Tasks WC 29th June

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Music Festival Project WC 29th June

Example Timetable

Must Do Tasks WC 22nd June

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Project - 22nd June 20

Example Timetable - but you can choose any ideas from the list

Project WC 15th June - Lockdown Capsule

Here is a suggested timetable for this week. You can choose your ideas from the list above to create your own timetable.


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Must Do Tasks WC 8th June

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Planning and Resources WC 8th June

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Must Do Tasks Week Beginning 1st June 2020

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Planning WC 1st June 2020

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Miss Pawley's Grammar Videos

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Week 6 - 11th May 2020

This week, Mrs Lawrence and Mrs Wilson have been reading stories by Julia Donaldson ready for your reading and P4C tasks next week.

Have a look at the stories below.

To watch the videos, you will need speakers or headphones to hear the stories. 

Open the powerpoints to watch the videos.

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 The Troll by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts.pptxDownload
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Have a look at Miss Pawley's example here. Can you use some of the features too?

Week 4 Planning and Resources WC 27th April

Here is Miss Pawley's example of a setting description. This might help you with Friday's lesson...


Watch our videos below to see the methods for calculation in Year 2.

Next week we will be setting some challenges for these methods.


Jottings method - Addition



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Week 2 Week Commencing 30th March 2020

Please find the overview plan and resources beneath

Welcome to Year 2!


We have three classes in Year 2:

2RL - Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Blackburn and Mrs Wilson

2HP - Miss Pawley and Miss Liquorish

2MD - Miss Davies and Mrs Ford


We have PE on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and would appreciate it if children could have their kit in school on these days.

Children are encouraged to change their books regularly and a wide selection of books are available in each classroom.




Our Topics this year are:

Muck, Mess and Mixtures (Autumn 1)

Street Detectives (Autumn 2)

Land Ahoy and Beachcombers (Spring)

Tower, Tunnels and Turrets (Summer 1)

Beat, Band Boogie (Summer 2)



Spellings are given out each week on Fridays. In Year 2, children focus on the key spelling rules. These rules are then taught throughout the week and children have the opportunity to practise and apply these rules over the week and then they are tested on Fridays.



Just like in Year 1, children will be set fortnightly homework based arund the current topic See below for current homework and ideas.