Towers Drive, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10 OZD


Richmond Primary School

Together we will Learn, Enjoy, Achieve, Respect, Nurture

Year 2 - 2019 - 2020

Welcome to Year 2!

We have three classes in Year 2:

2RL - Mrs Lawrence, Mrs Blackburn and Mrs Wilson

2HP - Miss Pawley and Miss Liquorish

2MD - Miss Davies and Mrs Ford


We have PE on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and would appreciate it if children could have their kit in school on these days.

Children are encouraged to change their books regularly and a wide selection of books are available in each classroom.


Our Topics this year are:

Muck, Mess and Mixtures (Autumn 1)

Street Detectives (Autumn 2)

Land Ahoy and Beachcombers (Spring)

Tower, Tunnels and Turrets (Summer 1)

Beat, Band Boogie (Summer 2)



Spellings are given out each week on Fridays. In Year 2, children focus on the key spelling rules. These rules are then taught throughout the week and children have the opportunity to practise and apply these rules over the week and then they are tested on Fridays.



Just like in Year 1, children will be set fortnightly homework based arund the current topic See below for current homework and ideas.

Our new topic is……Street Detectives!

This way or that way? Which way shall we go? To the local supermarket or to the park? Let’s learn about our local community! We will be looking at old and new houses and finding out how the streets of Hinckley have changed over time. We would love it if you have any old photos! We will make maps and plan routes and take a walk around our local town visiting the key hotspots of Hinckley. We will create leaflets to try and persuade people to come to our wonderful town and think of ways to keep the streets clean. Are you ready to roll street detectives? Grab your cameras and clipboards and let’s get investigating!



Narrative – Diaries and Letters – writing in the past

Non Fiction– Persuasive Writing – Come to Hinckley

Poetry – Nursery Rhymes



People in the community

Past and present

What makes a community?


Addition and Subtraction and Money


Changes in our living memory, significant people and events in our local area

Art and Design

Famous local artists, local landscapes


Fieldwork in our local area, using maps, making maps using aerial photography to compare the past and present


Homework Ideas

Homework Due:

Friday 8th November, Friday 22nd November, Friday 6th December and Friday 20th December






Make a leaflet all about your local community. Include drawings or photographs to show what you can see and do in your local area. Write or record your thoughts on what it’s like to live there as well as ideas for improving it.


Learn about the history of famous nursery rhymes such as ‘Ring O, Ring O Roses’ and have a go at writing your own modern day versions. (Challenge)


Find out about some of Hinckley’s famous vehicle such as the Hansom Cab or the Triumph motorcycle. Create a poster to show key information.



Visit a local shop with your grown-up. Write a shopping list before you go. Pay for your shopping and work out your change.


Create a timeline of key events in Hinckley. Put the events in chronological order. (Challenge)

Look in detail at the outside of your own house and make a careful observational drawing


Visit Hinckley museum with your grown-ups. Find out about some of the key facts. Draw and write about them to show your friends at school.


Visit important buildings in the town. Take some photos and find out when they were built. Write some facts about these important buildings.


Go to the library to find out what family life was like in the 1900s. Talk to your grown-ups about how life was different for children in the past. Draw pictures and write some sentences to share at school.


Arrange with your family to do something to improve the local community. This could be litter picking, helping a neighbour with some shopping or volunteering at a local charitable organisation. Take a picture of the work you did for your class blog. Write about how it made you feel. (Challenge)

Draw a plan or map of your ideal neighbourhood. Who would you like to have living on your street? You might choose fairytale characters, sports champions or pop stars. What type of house would your ideal neighbours have? Create a key to show features on your map. What local amenities would your residents need? For example, Harry Potter might need a wand shop, and Rapunzel might need hairdressers!


Create a model replica of your street or our school using junk materials. (Challenge)


Year 2 - 2018 - 2019

On Friday 11th January we ventured out into the depths of the wooded areas in our school grounds and went bug hunting.  We found many different minibeasts and brought them back into the classroom to identify and classify them for our Science Day.  It was an exciting start to our new topic, Wriggle and Crawl!