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Welcome to Year 3 2021-2022!

Welcome back everyone !

Year 3 P.E days for this year are Mondays and Wednesdays. Please come ready dressed for PE on these days. 

End of Day Collection :

Please collect the children from the Year 2/3 playground. Staff will be available to show you where to go .

The children will be on the playground from 3.10p,m 


Important Information :

  • Book bags and reading books need to be in school everyday.
  • Reading Records will be collected every Friday please ensure they are in school and children have read at least 3 times a week.
  • On Fridays the children will be taking part in a Maths Rocket Challenge  the children will be bringing home their completed sheet so they can practice any they need to. They need to get their times table group correct 3 times before moving to the next one. All children have been given a times table Rockstar's login inside their reading records to practice. 
  • Spellings will be given to the children on Tuesdays and will be tested the next Monday. Please practice these with your child at home.

Autumn 1 Homework

Year 3 2020 - 2021

Please find attached the end of year expectations for Year 3.


New information

To contact us please use the email address

Timetable Rockstar's!

We are delighted to announce that we now have Year 3 Times Table Rockstar's working! Your child will come home with a login in their reading record to be able to play the games. click the link below to get started:


Go to 

Useful information

Please find below details of our weekly timetable and what children are expected to bring or prepare for each day.

Please ensure that children come to school with a coat as we access outdoor learning when we can and we will send them outside at break times unless the weather is very bad.

Children need to have their Reading Record in their book bags everyday.


Children have a spelling lesson where they will learn the focus for the week and any spelling rules which they can use to help them.  The children will be expected to practise this new spelling learning at home during the week as part of their regular homework. 

Children will have also have a spelling assessment on Mondays.  They will be asked to write 2/3 sentences containing some words from the previous week's learning as well as some words from Year 1 and Year 2 common words list.  They are also expected to punctuate the sentences correctly with capital letters and full stops in the correct places.

The current spelling learning for the week is available here.


On Tuesday mornings, all classes have Computing, Gardening and PE.  Please send children in PE shorts, jogging bottoms or leggings and trainers with their school top.  Gardening and PE will be outside whenever possible so please ensure children have a warm jacket or coat, preferably waterproof.


All three class will have PE on a Thursday afternoon, so please send children in dressed in PE kit bottoms and school top as on Tuesdays.  


Reading Records are checked on Fridays.  Children are expected to read aloud to an adult at least three times a week for homework. 

Times tables are tested on Fridays.  Your child should know which table they are working on and should bring home an activity sheet every week to help them practise.

Connected learning homework is due in every two weeks.  Details of the homework can be found here. 


Please ask if you have any questions about any of the above.

Spelling and punctuation

Developing accuracy of spelling and punctuation is a current focus in Year 3, particularly due to the learning children missed during lockdown.  If children have to spend time at home due to needing to isolate, they can work on these areas.  There are a number of useful resources which can be found at BBC Bitesize KS2


Your spelling assessment on Wednesday 6th January will be on these high frequency words. Make sure you know the meaning of each word.

every           should          would           could            because


leave            climb           parents        thought       through

Gods and Mortals 

Gods and Mortals homework

 Gods and Mortals Homework.docxDownload
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Gods and Mortals knowledge organiser

A Knowledge Organiser sets out what we would like the children to know by heart by the end of the topic. We expect the majority of children to be able to recall all of the information on the Knowledge Organiser by the end of the unit of work. Referring to this will help stretch their long-term memory and develop their recall of key information.

This year, we will be producing 'Knowledge Organisers' which are the ‘go-to’ documents outlining the essential knowledge that the teachers will be covering across a unit of work; including dates, famous figures, vocabulary, definitions, and other information. These Knowledge Organisers will be shared with pupils, parents and carers before units of work are taught, with the aim that everyone knows exactly what is being taught and what the children need to learn.

Here is our Knowledge Organiser for Gods and Mortals. Why not have a look at it and see how much of the information you can learn by heart? You could also research further some of the things you find the most interesting.


Tribal Tales

Tribal Tales Knowledge Organiser

Tribal Tales homework

 tribal tales homework sheet.docxDownload
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Year 3 Portals to the Past day! 

We had an exciting day today on our Portals to the Past experience! We learnt lots of interesting facts and took part in many activities including a quiz, learning how to hunt mammoths, we made our own Stonehenge, we looked at and sketched artefacts and we looked at Bronze Age artefacts. We had such a fun day!

3AB and 3CG Stonehenge art 

Today, we learned about what Stonehenge's are and how they were made. We talked about what they might have been used for. We then used watercolours and black paper to create our own pictures of Stonehenge to show the midsummer sunrise or midwinter sunset.

Archived Home Learning

Please use the hyperlink at the top of this page to access current home learning. 

Week commencing 23.11.20

Weekly overview plan

 y3 homelearning wc 23rd Nov.docxDownload
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Your spelling assessment on Monday 30th November will be on on changing an adjective into an adverb by adding the suffix –ly where there is no change to the spelling of the root word.


kind – kindly

safe – safely

quick – quickly

rude – rudely

sweet – sweetly

strong – strongly

brave – bravely

secret - secretly

usual – usually

final - finally




English resources

 5 Thursday MAPS HAPS power of 3.docxDownload
 Friday - card game.docxDownload
 Friday - persuasive writing.pptxDownload
 Friday innovate plan.docxDownload
 Monday - boastful language online sheet.docxDownload
 Monday - boastful language.pptxDownload
 Thursday - power of 3.pptxDownload
 Tuesday - exclamation marks.pptxDownload
 Wednesday - power of 3.pptxDownload
 Wednesday online sheet.docxDownload
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Maths resources

 Friday Online.docxDownload
 Monday Online.docxDownload
 Thursday Online.docxDownload
 Tuesday Online.docxDownload
 Wednesday Online.docxDownload
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Connected Resources

 Persuasive writing learning intention and ladder.docxDownload
 Wednesday persuasive writing.pptxDownload
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 Monday - houses slides.pptxDownload
 Monday sheet.docxDownload
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Week commencing 16.11.20

While at home a useful resource to get active is YouthSport Trust.

Every day at 5pm they put on activity that you can do at home!

Home learning timetable WC 16th November

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Your spelling assessment on Monday 23rd November will be on spelling homophones correctly.  You need to know the meanings of each homophone and use them correctly in a sentence.














Spelling resources

 Guess the homophone game.pptxDownload
 Homophone pictures.docxDownload
 Match the homophone.docxDownload
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English resources

 Friday - short sentences.pptxDownload
 Friday - starter short sentences to order.docxDownload
 Friday - using short sentences sheet.docxDownload
 Thursday - online sheet rhetorical questions.docxDownload
 Thursday - Rhetorical Questions.pptxDownload
 Tuesday - cut and sort paragraphs.docxDownload
 tuesday - paragraphs.pptxDownload
 Wednesday - a or an.pptxDownload
 Wednesday - starter a or an.docxDownload
 Wednesday- using a or an main activity.docxDownload
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Maths Resources

 Fri Sheet.docxDownload
 Mon online Sheet.docxDownload
 Thurs Sheet.docxDownload
 Tues Sheet.docxDownload
 Weds Sheet.docxDownload
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Connected Resources

 cave art examples.docxDownload
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Week commencing 9.11.20

WC 9th November timetable

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Your spelling assessment on Monday 16th November will be on homophones correctly.  You need to know the meanings of each homophone and use them correctly in a sentence.














Spelling resources

 Match the homophone to the question.docxDownload
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English resources

 Friday intorduce poster.pptxDownload
 Friday poster sheet.docxDownload
 Monday - MODEL TEXT find features.docxDownload
 Monday - persuasive toolkit 2020.pptxDownload
 thursday - alliteration.pptxDownload
 Thursday - Noun Bank and adjective bank.docxDownload
 Thursday - online worksheet.docxDownload
 Tuesday - I can use commas in a list MAPSHAPS.docxDownload
 Tuesday - Using commas to separate items in a list pp.pptDownload
 Wednesday - positive netural negative worss to sortwords to sort.docxDownload
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Maths Resources

 Friday Online Sheet.docxDownload
 Monday Online Sheet.docxDownload
 Thursday Online Sheet.docxDownload
 Tuesday Online Sheet.docxDownload
 Wednesday Online Sheet.docxDownload
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Connected Resources

 artefacts powerpoint.pptxDownload
 artefacts sheet.rtfDownload
 artefacts worksheet.docxDownload
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Week commencing 2.11.20


Your spelling assessment on Monday 9th November will be on spelling words when adding the prefixes dis and un to root words.

These are some of the words you may be asked to spell.  You also need to know the meaning of these words.














Home Learning Plan

 y3 homelearning wc 2nd nov.docxDownload
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Maths resources

 2.11.20 Sheet 1.docxDownload
 3.11.20 Sheet 2.docxDownload
 4.11.20 Sheet 3.docxDownload
 5.11.20 Sheet 4.docxDownload
 6.11.20 Sheet 5.docxDownload
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English resources

 boxing up grid friday.docxDownload
 Friday starter sorting activity.docxDownload
 MODEL TEXT 2020.docxDownload
 Monday cold write stimulus.docxDownload
 Thursday comprehension.docxDownload
 Thursday comprehension.pptxDownload
 Wednesday vocab lesson.docxDownload
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Week commencing 26.10.20..

 Maths, Science and PE wc 26.10.20..docxDownload
 RE week - RE, English and Spelling home learning.docDownload
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Maths resources wc 26.10.20

 Friday maths online.docxDownload
 Monday maths online.docxDownload
 Thursday maths online.docxDownload
 Tuesday maths online.docxDownload
 Wednesday maths online.docxDownload
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Resources for RE, English and Spelling.

Resources for Science

 Task 2 - Colouring Magnets and labelling.docDownload
 Task 2- Magnetic and Non-Magnetic.docxDownload
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Week commencing 12.10.20

Please enter some files.

English WC 12.10.20

 Home learning plan week beginning 12.10.20..docxDownload
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Week commencing 5.10.20

Maths WC 5.10.20

 online maths.docxDownload
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English WC 5.10.20


 Home learning plan.docxDownload
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We are super excited to see you all on Tuesday 1st September! Your drop off time is 8:45-8:55am. Please try not to arrive any earlier as the Richmond park gate will be busy with other year groups being dropped off. Your pickup time is 3:00pm and again we kindly ask you to be as on time as possible to keep everyone safe and avoid congestion. 

Please only come to school with the following:

  • Water Bottle
  • Book Bag 
  • A suitable coat 
  • Lunch in a disposal bag 
  • A healthy snack for break time for example fruit or a cereal bar. 
  • A plastic bag on your first day to take home old books.

PE days are yet to be confirmed and a letter will be sent out within a few weeks to provide you with anymore information you may need! 

We look forward to seeing you next week!

Year 3 teachers! :)

Year 3 Maths Help Videos

Here are some help videos to show you our calculation methods in Year 3